PANN Publishing accepts submissions from both agented and unagented authors. We are currently seeking manuscripts in the following fiction (both adult and young adult) categories: historical, mystery/thriller, police procedural, detective, horror, fantasy, science fiction, romance, dystopian, sports, and paranormal. Manuscripts of all lengths will be considered, however the method of publication may vary depending upon the length.

    Guidelines for submissions:

  1. All submissions must be for completed manuscripts that have been edited.  We do provide editing for all manuscripts prior to publication but the manuscript should be complete and all spelling and grammar mistakes should be cleaned out of the work prior to submission.
  2. Your submission should include a query letter, a 1-3 page synopsis, and the first chapter of your completed manuscript. Your query letter should include information about your manuscript as well as about yourself.  Details on genre, page count and basic story should be included.  Please search online for examples of query letters prior to submission.
  3. Copy and Paste all of the elements listed in the second bullet above into the body of your email.  Any emails with attachments will be deleted without being opened.
  4. Only email submissions to will be considered.